Categories Of News

News was defined many different ways by many different individuals. Some of these definitions are described below: News can be considered as anything from the ordinary to the extraordinary. It is a daily occurrence, which we all need to live with and cope with. It is something that makes our lives interesting and sometimes unbelievable.

The major part of a news item is reporting or news gathering. Many times it includes pictures, photos and reports about current events. Many times a journalist takes information and puts it into writing for publication purposes. A reporter can be a news writer or a news photographer. A good news story includes important details, images and sound.

There are several news stories that make the rounds among us on a day-to-day basis. A lot of people like to read about unusual activities, strange diseases, natural phenomenon, etc. These make for very interesting reading material and many times they are true! People who are interested in keeping up with the latest news would do well to look out for these types of items.

The common factor that all good news stories have in common is objectivity. No matter how strange or odd the subject is, the news story should remain completely objective, without any subjective opinions. Subjectivity means giving one’s own opinion on something. When you are reading a news story, you should not give your opinion or point of view even if you think the end result could be correct. You are an impartial reader and should follow the same guidelines of other unbiased readers.

Categorizing news values makes it easier for us to choose stories on which we rely heavily. A few of the categories of news values include general, breaking, sports, political, international news, and financial. General news values tend to make common things more common and mundane events become more interesting. Breaking news makes events astounding and shocking and therefore becomes the prime reason for people to pay attention.

Sports news values are about athlete’s performance and how the team performing will perform in the future. Political news is all about the latest happenings in the government or any other public body. Financial news tends to make people aware of any fall in the economy and any rise in the value of currency. The most interesting category of news is international news as it involves all the different aspects of human activity. It includes new phenomena which only happen in foreign countries. It also covers the news about strange diseases which only occur in foreign countries and that only an experienced journalist can identify and report on them.