News From A Voiceover Artist – Why There Are So Few Chapters In A News Manual

News From A Voiceover Artist – Why There Are So Few Chapters In A News Manual

Is there a new media law on the news? Many are speculating that there may be news related to medical marijuana and the current blackout of newspapers that report on this story. It seems that the National Association of Retail Merchants has decided to forgo a campaign to endorse the news and endorse the state’s three licensed retail stores instead. The news organization that ordered the blackout was the Texas Star News.

The original article in question stated that there were 11,500 patients in the Texas Department of Insurance’s “medicine registry” that had been put on hold due to the state’s new moratorium on new patient applications. It appears that the order has now been suspended indefinitely due to the new moratorium. Currently there are 11,515 registered patients in the Texas Department of Insurance’s “medicine registry,” according to the original news story. The number is an under count, according to the original story. It is not known how many of those patients actually have diabetes or other life threatening medical conditions.

One could argue that this is an example of journalists picking up on information and reporting it incorrectly. Is this breaking news, or is there some type of ethical problem with the way that the information was reported? Some would say that this new policy by the Texas Department of Insurance is an example of the media “over-hyped” and that this may indeed constitute an ethical violation. Others may say that this new policy puts a bit of shine on legitimate news stories and in fact, increases the news value of all news. Indeed, many will point out that there are a lot more interesting stories that make national television than these type of stories.

There was a time when a hard news story was only worthy of publication if it was long and happened in a major city. Today, almost any hard news story that happens outside of the big city can easily be picked up by the 24-hour news and reported. This increases the level of interest in hard news stories and allows it to be given more prominent play on national television and in news magazines. There is no longer a need to limit your coverage to what happens in the city of New York.

So, the question is, why aren’t there more chapters on reporting skills and marketability in the news manual? After all, a good news story is one that makes its way from the local newsroom to national television and is given more attention than a report that was filed yesterday. A chapter that teaches readers about marketing in this manner may help the readers understand that this type of advertising is more effective than trying to reach the same audience over with repetitive commercials. It may also give the readers a better perspective on why their phone will be ringing off the hook during the Super Bowl when they tune into the NFL game for the same reason every year.

The lesson to be learned from this is that you really don’t want to just tell the world what’s going on in your town or in your business without giving it some perspective. Even if the story is factual, it needs to be presented in a way that can be understood by many people without being blown out of proportion. Asking your listeners to follow you on Twitter may influence their behavior at first, but in order for your message to be truly impactful, it needs to be presented in a way that can be understood by the average person. In many cases, your news stories can be the opinions expressed by many people within one day!